Audio Sync & Library Music

Jake is a listed composer for various audio libraries such as, Chaos Music Distribution, Finger Music and Triple Scoop Music, along with many more. Below are some examples of his Electro Swing work inspired by artists such as Caravan Palace, Parov Stelar, The Electro Swing Circus, among others. More releases coming soon. All tracks are available to stream on all good online streaming platforms.

Please contact if you have a project requiring bespoke audio. Jake will be happy to discuss the project with you, how he can help, and work to create the perfect track for your needs.

A full list of companies Jake is associated with can be found here.


A selection of videos where Jake’s Electro Swing music has been used, in no particular order.

  1. Jonathan Rothermel - The King’s College 80th Anniversary Short - Music used: What To Expect, taken from The Nu-Jazz experiment

  2. Cabod - Showreel Compilation - Music used: Effronté, taken from The Nu-Jazz Experiment

  3. Keenan DesPlanques - Blonde Highlights - Music used: Effronté, taken from The Nu-Jazz Experiment

  4. Buket Rin - Green house hula hooping at TADAH Artist Habitat - Music used: Boogie Woogie, taken from The Nu-Jazz Experiment

  5. Erik Werner - Festival of Lights 2017 - Music used: La Vache Fait Meuh, taken from The Nu-Jazz Experiment

  6. Jordan Matter - Dance Moms Mischief - Music used: Non! Me Mange Pas, C'est Poisson! & Downtown Boogie, both taken from Sharp With No E

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The Nu-Jazz Experiment

Prepare to be blown away as Jake Bradford-Sharp takes off in this absolutely exhilarating experimental jam that cannot be classified or categorized. Shaping a breadth of genres into a high-charged and pumping collection of Jazz based grooves that work so well with cinematic energy.

Released: 16.02.18, JBS Recordings

Expect The Unexpected - EP

Jazzy, soulful saxophone and driving Electronic beats make this an uptempo album with an infectious feel that is sure to move you in step. Full of fun with an unexpected surprise around every corner and phrase, Jake has delivered the soundtrack to pick up your nightlife, travel and fashion films.

Released: 16.02.18, JBS Recordings

Crack In The Attic - Single

Exclusive to

Dust off your dancing shoes and get your groove on with this fun, fast paced retro-inspired Jazz Electronic album featuring smooth saxophone, classic accordion, and punching bass. Undeniable energy that’s sure to get your audience moving.

Released: 06.04.18, JBS Recordings

Sharp With No E - Cover Art

Sharp With No E

This album takes you on a Jazzy EDM Joyride. Inspired by everything from the groovy swinging sixties, to the intense in-your-face attitude of modern day EDM. Sharp With No E's catchy bass lines, hooky melodies and tongue in cheek groovy-ness make it stand out from the crowd, all the while making sure your crowd are still dancing at 3am.

Released: 01.06.18, JBS Recordings

Time To Mix Blue & Red and Make a Mauve - Single Artwork.jpg

Time to mix blue & red and make a mauve - single

This single blends retro swing and modern electronic dance & pop to make you move. Upbeat and infectiously catchy, this single will keep you on your toes! Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Triangle Marks The Spot’.

Released: 15.02.19, JBS Recordings

14 A Merry Tune - Single Artwork.jpg

A Merry Tune - Single

A jazzy-groove based track with orchestral elements, blending the sounds of the past with the future. Chilled electronica-laden jazz beats and basslines weaving through the euphoric sounds of the orchestra. The second single from forthcoming album ‘Triangle Marks The Spot’.

Released: 01.03.19, JBS Recordings

Triangle Marks The Spot Album Artwork.jpg

Triangle MArks The Spot

The 4th full album in the Electro Swing series, Jake takes you on a modern-meets-old-school ride through the swing, big band and gyspy jazz of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s all the way to modern day electronica and EDM (with a little bit of funk in there for good measure). There’s a perfect time to play this album - and that’s all the time.

Released: 15.03.19, JBS Recordings

Sort It Out - Single Artwork.jpg

Sort It Out - Single

Sort It Out is the first single from upcoming album ‘Six’, Jakes’ 4th full album release. This single see’s Jake delve into Gypsy Jazz (Jazz Manouche) samples, twisting and turning, manipulating them into something that is sure to keep you up and dancing all night. The modern electronic backing and subtle hints of dubstep highlight the vital elements of what Sort It Out and it’s accompanying album, SIX, is all about: fun!

Released: 12.04.19, JBS Recordings

Now Is The Winter - Single Artwork.jpg

Now is the winter of our disco-tent - Single

Now Is The Winter of Our Disco-tent is the second single from upcoming album ‘Six’, Jakes’ 4th full album release. Jake continues to dive into Gypsy Jazz (Jazz Manouche) samples, fusing the style with more modern genres such as EDM and Dubstep. Another string to the bow of forthcoming album, Six.

Released: 26.04.19, JBS Recordings

Six Album Artwork.jpg


Blending modern electronica of the 90’s and 00’s with gyspy jazz (jazz manouche) of the 30’s and 40’s, Jake Bradford-Sharp’s ‘SIX’ takes you on a journey through time and space leaving you wanting nothing more than to hit play again and keep the party swinging!

Released: 17.05.19, JBS Recordings

Latest Release 👇

Alarm Bells Ringing - Single Artwork.jpg

Alarm Bells Ringing

The first track from upcoming album 'I Would Call It, Fair Play'. A blend of electro swing, dubstep and electronica. Exploring the darker side of electro swing, heavy textures and atmospherics fused with upbeat electro swing samples and electronica grooves'.

Released: 09.08.19, JBS Recording